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great north run 2023

sunday 10th Sept 

'Loved the run. Crowd support was amazing, even better than 2018! Volunteers were outstanding- thank you!' 


be the person to

make tz rising an independent charity

support our girls to break free from poverty

bring happiness and freedom to others

Taking on the world famous Great North Run, of great pride in the north, you will be running to prove yourself in a half marathon, to show great determination and also to fundraise to support young women in rural Tanzania to break free from poverty to live happy and independent lives 🔥

At Tz Rising our individual runners and hikers around the UK fund our programs in Tanzania directly, you will be making an unbelievable difference to our young women's lives, like our Salma below.

Sign up below and Michael will contact you to get this show on the road! 👌

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register interest

Cheers! Speak soon


How does Tz Rising help?

We give each girl Secondary and College Education combined with mentoring, safe accommodation and a sense of family, just like Salma above!

Whats the sign up fee?

It will be £60 for sign up fee, plus £30 to come out of your fundraising.

What is my target for fundraising?

Everyone has a different target ability, but we challenge you to raise at least £300 and some of you will even be able to reach £500 or £1000.

Will we meet up together?

Tz Rising really cares about physical interaction, so we will all try to meet before the event to support with fundraising and motivation and then of course during/ after the event to celebrate!

What happens next?

Michael will reach out to chat to you, and if you are ready we will get you signed up so you can get excited about your training plan this year, so you are in the best shape you can be to enjoy the day.

Official Great Run page here

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Great North Run reg
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