tz rising supports girls through school, college and university, giving them what they need to be free from poverty for life


Earn 25% more money to buy enough food and water for my family

Be 3 times less likely to obtain HIV or AIDS

Gain greater confidence to be independent

Participate in democracy to make my country better

Help my community develop and grow

Have many friends and mentors to decrease chances of abuse or crime

meet the gang


Hi, I'm Gloria

Hi, I'm Mariah

Hi, I'm Salma

Hi, I'm Aurelia

Hi, I'm Vaileth

Hi, I'm Joyce

Hi, I'm Elizabeth

Hi, I'm Justarahel

Hi, I'm Magdalena

Hi, I'm Lucia

Hi, I'm Lucia

Hi, I'm Lucia

Hi, I'm Venila

Hi, I'm Jackline

Hi, I'm Caroline

Hi, I'm Winifrida

Hi, I'm Flora

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Tz Rising is a UK registered charity #1162345