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freedom hike 2024

Sat and Sun 31st Aug- 1st sep

'The hike was just the most positive weekend. The energy was so full and infectious thanks to such incredible humans who you brought together...'



be the person to

make tz rising an independent charity

support our girls to break free from poverty

bring happiness and freedom to others

The London to Brighton Freedom Hike is an epic 2 day hike from Richmond in South London, walking all the way over the beautiful North Downs to Brighton by the sea. It is an amazing experience, physically demanding with two full days of walking, but lots of fresh air and a feel good atmosphere to keep you going.

Anyone with decent walking fitness can participate. Your hiking experience which could be one of the toughest challenges of your life, will also be so so impactful. Our fundraising this year will go towards our Kilimanjaro community becoming empowered and independent to continue supporting young women in Tanzania for many more years.🔥

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How does Tz Rising help?

We give each girl Secondary and College Education combined with mentoring, safe accommodation and a sense of family, just like Salma above!

Is it a tough challenge?

Yep it is! This will be one of the toughest challenges you will ever do.

How many of us will there be hiking?

You will hike with 20-50 other Tz Rising volunteers, many lovely folks from our community will be there walking.

Where do we start?

We start along the Thames in Richmond and finish in Brighton town centre.

What support will we have on the hike?

Every 12km you will have snacks and water and rest areas, and then at 25km stops decent warm meals to fill your bellies. We will support vehicles also.

Is there a personal contribution?

Yes we will ask you to pay £100 to cover everything including food, camping and your t shirt!

Do I have to buy camping equipment?

Yes you need a tent, sleeping bag and roll mat to sleep on... and we can transport it all to the campsite for you in a van.

Do I have to do the full distance?

No you can choose to take on 25, 50, 75 or the full 102km as your challenge.

How much do i have to raise?

Each person is challenged to raise £500 for our girls' Freedom. But there are no penalties if you raise less. 

How will our fundraising donations be spent?

Your money will be spent to support our women in College around Tanzania, with tuition fees, accommodation and transport. It will also go towards our independence fund.

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