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Our Misson

meet our family


We know and see each girl like our sister, supporting her through School, College or University, until she is working and independent.

Our Scholars

Hey Im Maggy!


This is me graduating Secondary School.


This is me in my first year of Mzumbe University!

Here we have Maggy above who has worked hard to graduate in teaching, and Eliza below a mother who is SO focused on a 6 month College programme starting in Jan to learn business skills.

eliza compressed.jpg

Mambo! I'm Eliza

Copy of IMG_9607.JPG

With the family who sheltered me during school

reunion moshi.jpg

Me now, in maroon dress, reuniting with the other girls and kaka Inno!

'Mambo! I am lucila and if i stay in school i will...'

Earn 25% more money to buy enough food and water for my family

Be 3 times less likely to obtain HIV or AIDS

Gain greater confidence to be independent

Participate in democracy to make my country better

Help my community develop and grow

Have many friends and mentors to decrease chances of abuse or crime

hear our womens' ambitions

Everything we do, we do for our sisters to live great lives.

If it strikes something within you, contact us to volunteer for our women!

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