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Why is the Itinerary for 10 days but the dates provided are only 6 days?


The 6 days represent the climb itself. On top of the climb we want you to experience the amazing culture and community for two days prior, and to have time after the climb to relax, at least one day. For this we will work together with you to maximise your experience according to what is possible for you.

What if I do not reach my target?

We believe if you start now and put all your effort into it, you will reach. We will support in every way we can from connecting you with our women to chatting through ideas with you... and people are often surprised how generous others are when you are committed to something.

What is the cost of the experience fully?

Including everything you need for Kilimanjaro, accommodation, food etc it will be £1294, excluding flights which are on average £400-500 return to Kili airport.

What is the Covid situation in Tanzania?

The covid situation is nowhere near as bad as the UK, you will feel relatively safe from Covid.

What if I do not have enough holidays to include the Community Days?

We will understand if you do not have enough days to make the Community Days, but please do make an effort because they take your experience to the next level.

What if the trip gets cancelled due to Covid? 

We can give you a refund up to 7 days beforehand or reschedule your climb.

Who will be with us on the climb?

You will be supported and led by the Kilisnow Crew, with Mountain Guides, chefs, waiters and porters to carry equipment. For a group of fifteen for example you will have support of around sixty guides, porters and chefs!

See full FAQs in Info Pack

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