Scientists Discover Malaria Blocking Microbe!

Updated: May 5, 2020

Malaria is a deadly disease caused to humans via parasites which are carried by female mosquitoes. ⁣Female mosquitoes which have been infected by five certain parasite species, eg the P. Falciparum species.⁣

In 2018 405,000 deaths occurred worldwide from malaria, 272,000 of these were children under 5. Over 90% of malaria deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. ⁣

BREAKTHROUGH: Scientist teams in the UK and Kenya have found that a microbe called Microsporidia MB that lives in the guts and genitals of mosquitoes completely blocked the mosquitoes tested from malaria 🤩⁣

'The data we have so far suggest it is 100% blockage, it's a very severe blockage of malaria,' ⁣

Dr Jeremy Harren, International Centre of Insect Physiologu and Ecology in Kenya told BBC ⁣

'It's a new discovery. We are very excited by its potential for malaria control. It has enormous potential,' ⁣

Prof Steven Sinkins, MRC- University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research⁣

Now they test further to see if this can be a global strategy to prevent malaria... GOOD LUCK

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