It's time to celebrate the resilience of our young women, to flower powerful international friendships and create a crazy fun cross-cultural retreat together.

freedom festival 2020

'Honestly it was an honour to be part of such a fab group and community! Would love to continue to be involved. You are an inspiration to us all...'



13th-20th of June 

The Home Coming. Three years ago we ran a sexual health and confidence retreat for our 25 girls (See photos below).


Now they are young women and they want to make new friends and keep growing. We will return with 25 people who are positive about creating international friendships, getting immersed in the true song and dance of Tz, planning the future of women's empowerment for our community... and most of all, having fun. 

This is truly a once in a lifetime 8 Day International Retreat

Day 1: Trip to Materuni Waterfalls

Day 2: Games and Connection Day

Day 3: 25km culture hike through the villages 

Day 4: Home and family visit with your Tz counterpart

Day 5: Resilience Day; Celebrating your personal resilience and moving forwards

Day 6: Fun Day, Music and Dance

Day 7: Plan the Future of Tz Rising

Day 8: Celebration Feast

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